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You thought you could escape, huh?

Yeah right, Deathgaze. You suck so much.

He's Ultimate WEAPON from FF7, if he was invisible and a hundred times more annoying. I have no problems chasing after him but how can I when I can't fucking see him on the map. I ended up doing what everyone else had probably done and had the airship automatically scour the entire map to search for that asshole.

And by that I mean I stuck a screwdriver into the keyboard. I'm playing on an emulator, so I just pushed down the letter that made the ship go forward. Took it an entire world map, but when I heard the battle cue, I quickly rushed over to beatdown the bastard... because he has Bahamut and I want him now.

I already fought him two times before (because he only appears when you don't want him to appear, so yeah, asshole), so third time was the charm and he perished by my hands. Well, not really. He died because of Firaga and Setzer's completely broken Fixed Dice + Master Scroll combo.

Guess who'll make it into my final party by default!

... it's you, Setzer, let's not bullshit ourselves.

Seriously, FF6 might be the easiest game. I had a lot more problems in FF10.

Anyways, I'm almost done with the sidequests. I only have one more dungeon to explore and then I'll go wreck Kefka's shit, so I can finally put this game to rest.