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Okay then...


Oh, it's the 1st.

I guess this means I need to start writing now or something.

... so yeah, boundless excitement to ensue. It's like I actually have a goal in my life now.

Oh, this should go swimmingly.

Anyway, I watched the live action Speed Racer a few hours ago. Not a fitting movie for Halloween, but I just don't like horror movies. Nope, nope, nope. I'm easily scared, I admit. I watched the movie before, although I never saw the anime. It's just so deliciously and cartoonishly over-the-top, it's so exciting.

Normally I find racing to be a quite boring sport... unless it's wacky racing in a movie or anime format.

... I miss Cyber Formula.

Show me your Brave Heart

I pretty much gulped down the first three Digimon seasons in about two weeks tops.

I'm crazy like that. I did say to myself a while ago if I was going to watch it, I would probably only watch it up to Digimon Tamers since I prefer fleeting encounters with such big and known franchises (to save myself from disappointment).

I don't think I watched it regularly as a kid. The only thing I could vividly recall from it was the "Brave Heart" song. That song is just so catchy and nostalgia-laden, it gives me a warm feeling.

As for Digimon Tamers, I guess I just wanted to see if it was really as dark as people said it was. In my opinion it was still very much a kid's show, but it did have some disturbing imagery and the D-Reaper was just the freakiest thing I've seen in an anime lately.

I'm pretty sure if the Wonderswan games were made into an anime, it would have been just as dark. It probably won't happen though, which is a shame because Ryo's story sounds quite epic. I'm playing Anode/Cathode right now and he can't even evolve Digimons? Already he draws the short stick, in addition to not getting his own Digimon partner since he just borrows them from the original cast.

I know I'd be pissed. Although an army of Digimon doesn't sound so bad either... but hey, I'd want a partner.

I like how my final battle with Milleniummon was basically OH SHIT. To be honest, it started with the fucking boss rush. I wasn't expecting that at all... then again, I probably should have. If there's one universal retro game dick move, it's the boss rush. But then again, this is Milleniummon. He's kind of a dick anyway.

I wish the other three games were translated. Seriously, it's been over 10 years. If the games were on SNES or something, I'm pretty sure they'd make a fan translation that would give Live A Live a run for its money. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking.

Also, NaNoWriMo in less than a week. I seriously need to reconsider my story. I think the first half is fine but the second... I'm not sure if I should include it. It does seem disconnected from the first part, but considering I basically put two of my unrelated dreams together, it will definately feel like that.

*frothing at the mouth*

There have been so many problems lately. I can't seem to be as carefree on internet anymore as my bullshit computer likes to freeze up at inappropriate times, I completely forgot about NaNoWriMo starting very soon and I'm watching Digimon for some reason.

Serious problems.



Jotaro, honey, you took your sweet ass time, but now that you're here, nothing matters anymore because everything will be alright. And I've just finished reading Part 4 a while ago.

Now I got so many questions about this. However, I want ALL of the fights. Even The Sun. ESPECIALLY THE SUN. That shit was hilarious, yo.

And before I forget, I got a dream to write down and quickly.

Spoiler: it makes sense sometimesCollapse )

And that's about it.

What is this I don't even


Okay, the dreams.

I was watching over a map of Scandinavia with old-timey names.

For some reason there were two lakes as well and each of them had a car in it. We went to one of those lakes and started discussing how we should pull up the car and revive the person that was inside it. Some other guy argued that it's not going to work after so many years since the guy will be an equivalent to a vegetable. Then we went to the ancient past of warriors and there was the person, driving the car into a lake for some reason while surrounded by vikings? I dunno.

Then it flashed back to the present. For some reason, we saw the tire marks leading up to the lake and two of our guys got their heads cut off.



Shit, this September was boring.

I have nothing better to do. I should be writing or reading or even drawing, but my creative imagination just got utterly shafted. I have no more good ideas for anything. There's a desert in my head where thoughts and feelings should be (and imagination I guess).

Writer's block galore. If I didn't have like four WIP stories, it would've been fine. But at least two of them need a setting makeover and I'm so fresh out of any interesting ideas. I find it hard to even write down what I want exactly. I really need to refresh my head.

I also had a dream last night that JJBA Part 3 was finally getting animated and was getting ready to watch the first episode. I was so goddamn excited you don't even know you guys.

And then I woke up.

Getting real sick of your cockteasing shit, dreams.


I was in the library, trying to pick up a book when suddenly a caveman fell from the ceiling to imped my progress. I just want a book, dipshit!

So I beat him up. Unfortunately, that was a dream from some other time. I forgot my dream from last night for some reason.


It's gotten cold really fast. I think it's going to be raining for the next week or so.

I need some tea, I'm freezing. And get something to eat. And get these cats off my lap while I'm at it.

It's like a game

Okay, latest dream. I had a few, but I don't remember them clearly enough. Although most of them were about running away from somewhere or something.

Anyway, I was in this abandoned gloomy town along with some other people. We had to search for keys for various doors and obtain powers to defeat new certain enemies like zombies.

Yeah, it was a dream metroidvania.

At some point me and one other person were in this mansion, finding some keys. I told her (I believe it was a her) to try it on a closet keyhole, she walked right in, bumped into a dried corpse of human and started panicking. I was completely calm, thinking to myself, "The one I walked in had only a skeleton, oh well..." and just waited.

We also found another door where there were other people inside, but they weren't 'participating', so to speak. Their job was to make sure the fires in the many furnaces were keeping the place warm... I guess.

We skedaddled out of there and back outside, where we met two other people. Apparently they found a new power to turn themselves into flying liquid beings (I still don't get it) but also demonstrated what you should do if a zombie with vine powers tries to grab or does grab you; use the power to generate a large plant peduncle from your face and punch the zombie in the face with it.

Makes sense to me.

And then the douchebag decided to demonstrate the power to poison your enemies by poisoning the girl I was with. He removed the poison afterwards but not quite, so he's still a douchebag because her HP was pretty low by that point.

I really need to go back into writing one of these days.

I'd take a sledgehammer to the face

I would if I could. Unfortunately I have no tolerance for pain.

That's why I can't stand toothaches, since there's not much you can do about them at home. Unless I'm hopped up on painkillers to the point I'm seeing stars. Otherwise I'm a weeping drooling wreck of a person.

I wouldn't wish toothaches on my worst enemy.

Nah, fuck 'em.

Let them suffer toothaches just as much as I do. It's only fair they know the excruciating pain.

I wish it would just let go, the clingy bastard.

I have less than a half of my molar tooth left ever since I chipped it off in two pieces before it. I have quite terrible teeth and it's what I get for being a fuck up all my life.

JOJO! *pumps fists into the air*

Dat OP.

I was only about two episodes in and I already giggled with joy!

I'll admit, I never get this quickly into an anime.

It is so overly dramatic. Everyone is SCREAMING and DESCRIBING stuff as they happen, the music is so goddamn awesome and heroic, almost everyone is ripped as fuck and the onomatopoeia is animated! It was so epic at points I had tears streaming down my face, no joke.

I also love how they waited all of zero episodes before Dio Brando turned out to be a complete and utter shithead.

Jonathan was pretty badass if a goody two shoes all the way to his unfortunate and rather sad end, but Joseph is just insane. Firing an entire magazine of a Thompson into a cafe full of people just to hit a recently turned vampire? Yikes. Got to say, he's funny though. And quite cunning when it comes to fights.

Dat teaser though.

If they make Part 3, I can die happy. I just love the style it has.

Not dead... yet

I like the atmosphere in the house. It's downright murderous. Giving it a year or two till it completely blows up and never fully recovers.

Anyway... forget what I said. By the way, I'm old. I've never before thought that 21 was ever too old for anything. Apparently I'm an old hag now and children should stay away from me.

Hey, I'm as awesome as any kid! I play videogames and all that great shit! Actually, I do a lot of stuff most kids these days don't. Because I'm more awesome than them.


It's been scientifically confirmed.

I got credentials right he- oh look behind you, a distraction! *runs away*

Also, I'm kinda into JoJo's Bizarre Adventure now (let's see how long that lasts before I find something else that's really old and obscure outside of Japan to fawn over). Having fun with the fightin' videogame at the moment which is great. I already watched the OVAs, so I might take a look at the new anime.

Unfortunately, I'll have to watch it someplace else.

Must be fabulous though.

I'll admit, if I didn't know what the art style was like for it, I would have thought it was a kid's show. Can you seriously say to a normal person the title JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and not have them think it's something for kids? I sure would. Instead it's macho camp batshit insanity + questionably revealing costumes (for males), model-like poses and fabulousness.

I do like that sometimes playing the more known things effectively lead me to the more obscure stuff. Some of them actually make sense, others... not so much.

On a brighter side, it's raining and it's cold. Yay. I should be more excited than this, no? It's just that I hate moody weather. Just pick a temperature already, geez.


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