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BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!111 /sarcasm over

You guys, you don't know. You just don't know.

Here's what happened. I just made it through the final dungeon of FF6, right? And then I thought to myself, hey I need a break and maybe grab a bite to eat, I'd like to fight Kefka on a full stomach. And then the computer crashes! Big deal, right, it happens all the time.

WRONG! It died completely! It's over! I have no computer anymore since Christmas...and that's terrible. I lost everything, I only saved my stories. My music is gone but I can replace it. As for the game, I had to start ALL OVER AGAIN! It's so tedious and it makes me hate the game. It took me two days to get back to the World of Ruin. Granted I was holding down the speed up button the entire time because I just couldn't be bothered. I will finish the game this time and then I will never play it again! GAH!

Well, 2014 couldn't have started any worse.

EDIT: God, that was easy.