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And that's terrible

Ever since I got on Tumblr, I haven't been on LJ for a while. And the fact I still have no computer.

Just when I thought the snow storm was over (it ended up leaving a quarter of the country without electricity and half of our forests got damaged because of freezing rain), it's been snowing again since early in the morning and it hasn't stopped yet.

It's fine if it's just snow but throw in some rain and there will be trouble again. Seriously, it's already bad enough.

At least I don't have to go to school like this. Or anywhere else for that matter.

Nothing new otherwise.

I'm the same old loser as I've always been.




Nothing much else.

Dreams about crocodiles trying to eat me is new though. Or where one of my family members mght be a serial killer . Or where I can't decide where to put the cupboard. Crazy, I know. You would think I would know where to put it.

Also animated movies. I need to watch more, I'm so bored.

Still waiting for Prince Computer

While I did go to sleep a bit late (a bit means quite late when I'm concerned), I still woke at about 11 AM. I guess not having a computer does miracles for my sleep cycle.

I ended up cleaning up my room since I hadn't done so ever since my comp broke. I also got a new digital receiver for the TV, so now I can at least watch the telly if nothing else.

I've also been drawing instead for a while and having more strange dreams hat I don't recall. Well, it's not like there's much to do at all. I mean, I finished FF6 on an emulator finally and then set upon finishing Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, which has been sitting on my big brother's comp since June last year and I hadn't touched it since. When I started it again, I literally looked around and said to myself, "... I have no memory of this place." But I ended up finishing it yesterday just so I wouldn't be kicking myself over not finishing it.

I actually might get my bro's comp instead if he'll buy a new one eventually, but I don't know when.

It's also raining again. Oh well...

BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!111 /sarcasm over

You guys, you don't know. You just don't know.

Here's what happened. I just made it through the final dungeon of FF6, right? And then I thought to myself, hey I need a break and maybe grab a bite to eat, I'd like to fight Kefka on a full stomach. And then the computer crashes! Big deal, right, it happens all the time.

WRONG! It died completely! It's over! I have no computer anymore since Christmas...and that's terrible. I lost everything, I only saved my stories. My music is gone but I can replace it. As for the game, I had to start ALL OVER AGAIN! It's so tedious and it makes me hate the game. It took me two days to get back to the World of Ruin. Granted I was holding down the speed up button the entire time because I just couldn't be bothered. I will finish the game this time and then I will never play it again! GAH!

Well, 2014 couldn't have started any worse.

EDIT: God, that was easy.

You thought you could escape, huh?

Yeah right, Deathgaze. You suck so much.

He's Ultimate WEAPON from FF7, if he was invisible and a hundred times more annoying. I have no problems chasing after him but how can I when I can't fucking see him on the map. I ended up doing what everyone else had probably done and had the airship automatically scour the entire map to search for that asshole.

And by that I mean I stuck a screwdriver into the keyboard. I'm playing on an emulator, so I just pushed down the letter that made the ship go forward. Took it an entire world map, but when I heard the battle cue, I quickly rushed over to beatdown the bastard... because he has Bahamut and I want him now.

I already fought him two times before (because he only appears when you don't want him to appear, so yeah, asshole), so third time was the charm and he perished by my hands. Well, not really. He died because of Firaga and Setzer's completely broken Fixed Dice + Master Scroll combo.

Guess who'll make it into my final party by default!

... it's you, Setzer, let's not bullshit ourselves.

Seriously, FF6 might be the easiest game. I had a lot more problems in FF10.

Anyways, I'm almost done with the sidequests. I only have one more dungeon to explore and then I'll go wreck Kefka's shit, so I can finally put this game to rest.

Snowy snow of snowily doom

Yup, it's snow outside. Okay, it was there yesterday but details. I was woken up prematurely, so I guess this is as good of a time as any to write something. So yeah... how ya'll doing? Even though I'm clearly talking to myself. Or am I?

*dramatic swirl*

At the moment I'm determined to beat FF6. I remember getting as far as the World of Ruin before dropping it and whenever I tried playing it again from the beginning, I got sick of it fairly early. Not this time. I will beat this game even if it kills me! Well, not really cuz then I'll be... dead and all. And who wants to be dead? Not me.

This is the only game in the entire world where I can actually name myself after someone. Apart from the original Final Fantasy, I never give characters other names. It just sounds wrong to rename them when they already have canon names (for the sake of being mean though... c'mon, even I named Squall "Squeal" at some point), but this is an opportunity I rarely get.

I named Terra "Tina" because it's technically correct. That's what her original name is in Japan. If it wasn't my name, I wouldn't have done it.

I'm back at Narshe since I got the gang back together and now I gotta split the parties again to fight off the invasion. Goddammit, I'm like 3 hours into the game!

Despite the shitload of characters and all, I think I already know what my final party will be. Considering some of them are kind of useless and not as great as the initial ones, they are mostly just there to fill out the party.

I mean, did anyone seriously use Edward in FF4? C'mon, really? I'm pretty sure he's useful if you dedicate yourself to him enough, but I can't be arsed. Spoony bards and wandering minstrels are never badass. Unless you're Ragi from The Snow Queen anime. Then you're kind of awesome (in before another joke about liking older men).

But otherwise meh.

I guess that's it for now. More on it later.

It's always the same

I saw that city again. I saw it again in my dreams.

Steep slopes, narrow alleyways, trees just by any road, only a few people passing by. A port city, judging by the amount of lighthouses I saw and streams I had to jump over just to get back to the main road.

Why am I always lost in it?

I keep searching for that one place where I was at the beginning but I can never find my way back.

EDIT: So I guess with the TVTropes page somewhat done, I'm back to procrastination. Aha... haha... hahahaha! Oh man, I need a life.

So about that...

Last night I finished watching the anime version of The Snow Queen and now I'm itching to make an awesome TVTropes page for it. It's been a while since the last time I edited it, so I have forgotten a few things here and there. I actually won't edit it piece by piece, I'm probably going to start compiling tropes in Word before pasting them over and make a great makeover. Hell, I'll make a character page too.

I need to keep myself busy before I'm bored again. I've already finished Devil May Cry 4 and I'm not in the mood to watch anymore anime at the moment, so I'll try and be productive for once.

I can find tropes, it will just take a while. And I'll need pictures too.

Long time no see...

Not only did I fail NaNoWriMo, my computer decided to turn completely against me. First my internet connection went dead for a week, it wouldn't connect or just load into infinity. But of course, when it comes back, my computer starts freezing.

I am so bored.

After failing to emulate the first game, I've decided to play Devil May Cry 4 as I've never really played it before and watch some anime in the meantime. I also watched a lot of TV since I don't really watch it anymore.

The wind is really cold outside too, I thought I was going to freeze. It's been raining lately, but now it's just a strong wind wailing through the windows. I've also been regularly having weird dreams again (like that's a surprise for me), but lately I don't remember them much.

I told you it would go swimmingly

I can't even bring myself to open up Word and it's been two days already.

And I hate the story already. I guess the problem was I thought I could have gone by with minimal description and have more character centric story, but the thing is... I like explaning stuff and info dump people.

And creating nonsensical worlds. Maybe it's way too serious the way I imagined it because I now want to make a flying continent that is nothing but a race track for some serious wacky racing. But that's for another story. Maybe I'd rather create worlds than actually write a story in one of them.

Maybe I just wanted to get it out of the way first because I didn't think it was all that good anyway.

Who knows. I like over-the-top stuff and this story ain't that.


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